Your Local Experts In Under Fence Plinths In Adelaide


Under fence plinths are designed to slide into the foundation groves of already cut fences to help reinforce the fence into its surroundings. Under fence plinths provide the perfect solution for fence longevity by supporting the fence itself – this means that’s because the fence is not flush on the ground that it minimises the chances of rust and rot. This allows for the fence to stand the test of time and ensure that nothing comes crashing down.


Here at Sewells Fencing we have an array of under fence plinth options to go along with your fence. Not only do we offer concrete or sandstone but we can make it in an array of colours so it suits the fence that sits upon it – all you need to do is get in contact with us today and we will give you a free quote.


Our under fence plinths are expertly manufactured with a few options and endless finishes. For the best under fence plinth options in Adelaide, give the team at Sewells Fencing a call today